Keeping It Plain: Why Neutral Colored Tiles Are So Popular

Flooring in fun, playful, and trendy colors may be eye-catching, but it can be tricky to style a room with it, especially if you want to change your décor every season. For a more versatile room, you may want to consider neutral colored flooring like travertine tiles, which are made of natural stone formed in mineral hot springs and deposited in quarries around the world, with the finest coming from top sellers and quarries in Europe, Asia, and Turkey. The tiles typically have a neutral color that can go with any room architecture, theme, or décor, making them easier to work with, regardless of your style.

Travertine tiles may help change the way neutral colored flooring is typically perceived, which is often boring or plain. They can easily brighten up an otherwise bland room, while adding an elegant and sophisticated touch to it. They provide a relaxing and soft feeling that is often a factor in modern home designs. And if you are building a new home and cannot decide on the décor, tiles in a neutral color will eliminate the risk of the having flooring that does not go perfectly with your furniture, decorations, and accessories.

You can easily create a neutral and calm blank slate in any room with neutral colored travertine tiles, and you can use that to your advantage when you want to add bolder decorative elements in your interior design. Without them, the entire room could look gaudy, as the floor and décor may clash. It is easy to overlook the textural elements of a space, but you do not have to worry about that when you use neutral colors, which are more forgiving when you want to add rough and warm textures. It will be easier to draw attention to a furniture or a certain area of the room without the floor distracting your view.

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