How to Prepare to Tile on A Wall?

Natural stone tiles can easily add a touch of nature to your home, while ensuring a sophisticated and elegant space. A classic example of that is the use of the travertine floor, which can be used in any room of the house. However, the material is also becoming preferred on walls, especially if you are aiming for a consistent look or an interior element that accentuates the design of a particular room. Installing travertine tiles on walls follows a similar procedure to flooring installation. Here’s how it goes:

  • Prepare your wall – Regardless of what your wall is made of, make sure it is dry, clean, and smooth, without any cracks or holes. So, take time to inspect it for any issues and have them repaired, and be sure that there is no trace of old tiling, wallpaper, or paint on it. If you have recently removed old paint, consider testing the wall for any lead content, as improper removal could make your home toxic. Make sure all outlet covers, molding, and hardware on the wall have been removed.
  • Create a layout – Lay out the tiles as if you are creating a travertine floor, and create a design that you want to see on your wall. That way, you can be more organized during the tiling process, and you can envision how they will look before you finalize the installation.
  • Mark a center line – Using a measuring tape, measure from the top to the bottom of your wall to find the center line. Consider attaching a 1” x 2” board beneath that line to support the row of tiles.
  • Apply the thin-set mortar – Use a trowel to spread the mortar thinly to your wall and on the back of the tiles. Like in travertine floor installation, consider using a white thin-set mortar to avoid discoloration.