How to Keep Your Marble Floor Clean

Marble floors aren’t just flooring—they are often a main selling point and an ‘asset’ in a property because of their elegance, timelessness, and durability. It’s only right that you keep your marble floor clean and shiny. After all, it is an investment. Try these tips on maintaining your flooring.

  1. Use a soft cloth or mop.

Other types of floorings can endure scrubbing, but not marble floors. They are indeed durable, but they are susceptible to scratches especially if you scrub forcefully against the surface. Whether you are spot-wiping spilled liquid or cleaning the whole floor, always use a soft mop. Since marble is smooth, dirt and dust won’t get stuck on its surface, anyway, so there is no need to scrub it.

  1. Clean spills right away.

Water won’t harm marble because it doesn’t have harmful elements that may cause staining. However, soda, fruit juice, and other such types of acidic beverages and liquid can leave lasting damage. Don’t leave any spills unwiped for too long—take action right away. Gently clean them away using a soft mop and a soapy water.

  1. Gently rub spots and stains.

When mopping is not enough to remove spots and stains, try rubbing. Doing this in a gentle manner using a soft cloth will not hurt your marble flooring. Some home experts say that cleaning in a circular motion is not advisable because it could make the flooring look dull. Rather, rub or wipe in linear motions.

High quality marble floors are less prone to wearing, chipping, and cracking. You can only get these marble tiles and pavers from an established supplier in the country. To ensure that you are buying from a reliable source, search for top suppliers online and check their prices and selections. Don’t hesitate to ask for samples before you commit to a large purchase.

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