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Explore Strong and Long-Lasting French Pattern Travertine Tiles: Stone-Mart.Com

The French pattern tile is also known by other names, like ‘Versailles’ and ‘Ashlar’ patterns, and it is a distinctive style of flooring that uses four different sizes of tiles to create a bolder and unique look to any indoor space. Versatile French pattern travertine tiles are especially popular with discerning homeowners and builders who are looking to create a stylish and high-end home that has a good resale value. This travertine pattern consists of 8”x8”, 16”x24”, 16”x16”, and 8”x16” tiles that break up the monotonous, rigid look seen in conventional straight edge square and rectangular tiles. These travertine tiles are versatile, too, and can be applied to living rooms, hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Stone-Mart.Com is a trusted supplier of natural stone flooring and paving products, and the French pattern travertine tile is one of them. These tiles let you create a one-of-a-kind travertine pattern that is bold and unique. They are surprisingly easier to install, too, as they usually require the thin set method (which is less complicated than installing regular straight edge flooring using the mud-set technique). French travertine tiles can help you save money on installation costs.

French pattern travertine can create a more refined and detailed look, while elevating the appeal of any space. A set of tiles consists of 12 pieces to cover a 16 square-foot area. You have the option to install the flooring yourself, since the tiles come with a DIY diagram from the manufacturer or supplier, but to avoid the guesswork and costly mistakes, consider having a professional do it for you. Stone-Mart.Com can provide free samples of the French pattern travertine tile you want to order. That way, you can check how a particular color or finish will look on your desired application. For a consistent look, consider ordering French pattern travertine pavers for your outdoor areas. French travertine pavers can have a tumbled finish, which will provide more grip for the feet to prevent slips and falls.

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