Enhance the Look of Your Driveway with Travertine

Your driveway should be more than just functional—it also needs to look good. It is one of the most visible parts of your house and can really affect the overall look of your property. Travertine pavers can make it much more elegant—and installing them is certainly worth it. A travertine driveway is a fantastic investment that not only improve your home’s curb appeal but also its value. What’s more, your travertine driveway will likely last for decades.

Some homeowners find it hard to choose between marble and travertine. Are you one of them? Then you should know some of the key differences between these two types of stones. They are both suitable for driveways, but they look different. Marble is often glossier, while travertine is earthier. If you want your driveway to blend well with your garden, travertine may be the way to go. Be sure to buy premium grade travertine pavers. There are different finishes, such as tumbled and chiseled. Chiseled pavers are perfect for creating a rustic, old world look, while tumbled pavers are more rugged.

Certain qualities make travertine pavers appropriate and highly recommended for driveways. First, travertine tends to absorb water quickly. This helps keep your driveway dry and non-slippery especially during the rainy season. It is also resistant to stains and moisture, so you don’t have to worry about oil marks on your driveway provided you clean them up quickly so that they don’t leave a permanent mark.

Not sure if travertine pavers are the best materials for your driveway? Perhaps you should consult a reputable and highly experienced natural stone supplier. Some of the best ones can even send you samples of the travertine pavers you are eyeing so you can see for yourself if it looks good on your driveway.

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