Does Oversized Square Shape Provide the Perfect Paver to Create a Patio?

One of the most popular building materials for outdoor landscaping is travertine. Travertine pavers are best used for walkways, pool decks, driveways, and of course, patios. With travertine, you can be rest assured that your patio’s color will not fade even as it is exposed to extreme weather conditions. Travertine is known to be durable, and its durability is apparent from the ancient structures and iconic monuments that still stand up to this day. Travertine pavers with a tumbled or chiseled finish will make your patio look appealing while letting you walk safely even if the surface is wet.

You might be reading this because you are thinking of the best paver size and shape for your patio. While almost any size will do, the oversized square shaped ones are probably the best at creating a patio that looks sophisticated and modern. Actually, oversized pavers are recommended not only for patios but also for pool decks, stepping stones, and walkways. Oversized travertine pavers can potentially add value to your property as well as bring the beautiful features of natural stone. Large stones can help you give your patio a seamless look and cleaner lines.

One tip in using oversized travertine is to incorporate it with synthetic grass. Synthetic grass has been increasing in popularity because it lasts long, requires very little maintenance, and it looks green no matter what season. Oversized travertine flooring is certainly a must-have. It adds texture and color to your patio that concrete can’t provide. Large stones look pretty interesting, and they will absolutely give your property more curb appeal and make your patio look more inviting.

When looking for travertine flooring, it is best to check out natural stone suppliers that source their products directly from the best quarries in the world. High-quality travertine does not have to be ridiculously expensive, and you can find reasonably priced products at reputable suppliers.

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