Discover the Striking Features of Travertine Coping:

If you’re in the process of deciding on the type of coping to use for your new swimming pool, here’s a tip: You can’t go wrong with travertine. This material is suitable for areas that are constantly wet and damp, so it can make your pool area not only more beautiful but also safer. Travertine coping boasts elegance, durability and practicality. It can be customized for any pool size or shape. You can also order ready to install (prefabricated) travertine coping. To see all your options, go to

One of the characteristics that make travertine coping idea for pool applications is the fact that it doesn’t absorb heat. Unlike cement surfaces that get too hot, travertine stays cool even when exposed to the sun for long periods, so you can walk barefoot on it.

Travertine is also slip resistant, so it can make your poolside area safer. Choose a tumbled finish with a textured surface that provides just enough friction for safer footing. is happy to help you choose the best type of travertine coping finish for your project.

Travertine is also known for superb resistance to all kinds of weather conditions. This material is excellent for outdoor use and will last for decades. Some experts even say that travertine coping can potentially add value to your property because of its timelessness and practicality.

What’s more, travertine pool coping is beautiful. It can help you achieve a rustic-chic aesthetic and allow your pool area to seamlessly blend in with your garden for that natural look.

You can use travertine coping for a spa spillover and create a lagoon-like pool setting. The possibilities are truly endless, especially if you order your travertine coping form They can help you choose the right patterns and colors, size, and finish for your intended application.