Discover Premium Quality Travertine Pattern Ideas for Your Homes

It’s easy to make your home look elegant and luxurious if you choose the right tiles. Travertine is a good choice if you want a versatile floor that can outlive conventional flooring options like porcelain tiles, wooden floors, and linoleum. At the same time, travertine tiles will add value to your home while making sure that you can redecorate your home as often as you please without worrying about the floor looking unfit for the style that you want. Being a natural stone, travertine has unique pattern that allow you to create bold and different designs with every tile. Premium quality travertine tiles come in different finishes and styles that you are sure to love, too. Here are a few travertine pattern ideas to get you started:

  • Brushed and chiseled travertine tiles – Most tiles are installed with straight edges to them, but brushed and chiseled travertine pattern defies the norm with its dramatic transition from tile to tile. This way, they add a dramatic look to the floor, which can become a room’s attraction by itself. The beauty of this pattern will make you think of castle courtyards from the Renaissance or the old world, but with a contemporary touch that makes brushed and chiseled travertine timeless. The tiles are finished by honing after being fabrication, but without filling the indentations that occur naturally in travertine, resulting in a natural and uniform finish.
  • High-Quality French pattern travertine tiles – The French travertine pattern design is a combination of four different sizes of tiles that are delivered in two bundles. A total of 12 pieces of tiles are in one set to cover a 16-square foot area. The French pattern design is not like your typical tiling pattern that is rigid and monotonous. It can be laid out using a thin set method, making the tiles cost-effective to install. Moreover, the tiles offer a refined and a more detailed appearance to your floor, so it elevates the look of any room.

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