Different Flooring Styles of French Pattern Travertine

Over the centuries, many civilizations have used travertine to construct splendid mansions, monuments, and buildings. Travertine has natural variations in colors, and this makes each stone unique and different from the others. This goes to say that every travertine floor is unique as well. Travertine is even made more special with the creation of French pattern travertine tiles. The French pattern—also called as the Versailles or Ashlar pattern—is a popular flooring and wall option that makes any structure look luxurious.

French pattern tiles are high in durability, and they come in various finishes such as the matt, polished, and sheen. French pattern flooring changes up the ambience of whatever space it’s installed in because of its natural beauty and elegance. There are various areas in the home that french pattern tiles can be used for. They can be installed in the living room, kitchen, dining area, as well as the bedroom. There are also different designs that can be created using French pattern tiles. You can choose to go for a rustic or traditional vibe, and you can also create modern or contemporary designs. French pattern flooring adds character to the room by playing up the effects of light and space. If you are looking for a flooring option for your home, office, hotel, and other large buildings, French pattern travertine is the way to go.

French pattern flooring is typically used in indoor spaces. However, if you want to use travertine for outdoor applications, you may do so too with travertine pavers. French pattern pavers are great for areas near the pool since their high-friction feature will help prevent accidents like falling and slipping.

French pattern travertine flooring comes in different styles such as the Autumn Blend, Country Classic, Cappadocia, Desert Gold, and Ivory. Look for a supplier that offers a wide range of French pattern tiles and pavers so that you’ll be able to find a style that suits your space best.

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