Decorate Your Bathroom with Travertine Tiles

Homeowners have always considered natural stones to be a luxury. One of these stones is the travertine, which comes from the limestone family and is popular for its unique look. No two travertine stones are the same, and this means that every travertine floor is different from the rest. A lot of people choose travertine because it costs less than the marble yet it also exudes grandiosity.

Travertine is available in custom sizes. You do not have to worry about your space being unusually laid out because you will be able to find the travertine size that will be perfect for it. Because of this versatility, travertine is often used in bathrooms and showers.

If you plan to use travertine for your bathroom, you must keep in mind that travertine in smooth finish can be slippery if it’s wet. So for safety purposes, go for the honed finish or the tumbled finish. Travertine can be used for bathroom flooring and wall decoration, and you can also install it around bath tubs, sinks, and counter tops. Travertine comes in a multitude of colors, and you will certainly find one that suits your style best.

If you want your bathroom to have a classic look, you might want to use beige travertine. Beige never goes out of style, and it will make your bathroom look even classier. Play with contrasts when you design your bathroom. Use small tiles and mosaic together with large tiles. Fancy a modern-looking bathroom? Go for warm toned travertine with a simple pattern. To achieve a contemporary-looking and fashionable space, you may use darker shades of travertine for the border. If you are really into elaborate aesthetics, why not install mosaic travertine in your shower area? This will instantly make your bathroom look and feel exquisite.


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