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Create Your Own Signature Build with Travertine Floors

Invest in travertine floors if you want flooring that lasts many decades. Travertine is high up on the list of natural stone tiles that can make a home more beautiful and functional. This type of stone is one of the strongest on earth; in fact, many ancient structures in Italy and Turkey a were built using travertine and are still standing today. It’s easy to see why travertine is the preferred material for designers and homeowners whose goals are to create an opulent-looking home that is also easy to maintain.

Did you know that travertine is actually a limestone? This naturally formed material is imported from quarries in Asia, Turkey, and Europe as large blocks before they are cut into smaller blocks. You want to purchase your travertine tile from reputable suppliers to ensure that you end up with premium quality natural stones for your flooring. Look for a supplier that provides samples so you can see and feel exactly what you are paying for.

If you want satin smooth flooring without the high gloss, go for honed and filled travertine tiles. They are not as matte as tumbled tiles, but not shiny enough to look like polished travertine. If your goal is to create a sense of grandeur to the space, polished travertine tiles may be a perfect choice. They almost look like marble. Going for a rustic aesthetic? Then you should look at brushed and chiseled travertine flooring. These tiles are also useful for accenting or breaking the monotony of a modern space. They are honed after fabrication without filling the slight indentations. The result is a uniform finish that retains the look for the natural stone. For spaces requiring anti-slip properties such as bathroom and kitchens, tumbled travertine tile may be the most sensible choice because their surfaces provide grip.


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