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Create a Perfect Walkway with Travertine Pavers

Having proper walkways can define your outdoor areas and make them look elegant. Moreover, they can be handy if you want to keep sand, soil, and dirt from your feet and footwear. Walkways are both functional and decorative, so it makes sense to choose the right paving material for them. Travertine pavers are among the best paving materials you can consider if you want durable, timeless, and elegant walkways on your property. They come in many different colors and patterns, in either a chiseled edge or tumbled edge finish, so there should be one or more kinds of pavers that will suit the design you have in mind.

Travertine in a chiseled edge finish can easily create a walkway with a weathered or worn look. Think rustic walkways and pathways that resemble castle floors. Chiseled edge travertine pavers can provide a classical and bold effect to your outdoor areas, and their timeless beauty adds an opulent touch to your property. The stones are rugged enough to handle high foot traffic, while ensuring easy maintenance.

Travertine pavers with a tumbled edge finish are perfect if you want to add an aura of opulence and grandeur to your outdoor areas. Your walkways will be durable and provide good grip to feet, especially when wet. Hence, tumbled edge travertine will not only create elegant and sophisticated walkways but ensure safety for everyone who will use them.

The travertine paver that can achieve a luxurious and classy look for walkways is known as ‘French pattern’. These travertine pavers are ideal for creating wider walkways that can connect certain parts of your outdoor living spaces to one another. The pavers are supplied in bundles containing multiple pieces of four different sizes of tiles to create an interlocking pattern that breaks the monotony of straight edge, square, and rectangular paving patterns.

Creating a perfect walkway with travertine pavers should be easy when you work with a reputable natural stone supplier that sources directly from leading quarries and sellers in Asia, Europe, and Turkey, and ships directly from their warehouse to your job site. That way, you can be sure that you are getting travertine pavers cost-effectively. Moreover, make sure that the supplier provides only premium grade travertine tiles and pavers. This grade is known as the highest-quality there is, so you know that the pavers are perfectly cut from travertine and have a uniform thickness.

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