Choosing Between Marble or Travertine Pavers For Your Driveway

Your driveway is among the first things people can see in your property, so it makes sense to ensure that it looks good and that it goes well with the rest of your home’s elegant design. Travertine and marble are materials that can help you build an elegant and sophisticated driveway. Travertine and marble pavers are a great investment that can add value to your home in the long run. By choosing either of these materials, you should be able to build a driveway that can last for generations. Your choice can be influenced by certain factors, such as your budget and the type of look that you want to achieve.

Marble and travertine are both excellent choices for driveways, but there are certain differences that could make you prefer one over the other. Appearance is one of the factors that can differentiate travertine from marble. Marble will provide a look of grandeur and opulence to your driveway due to the natural gloss it has, while travertine will provide an earthy look that can easily blend well with the natural environment.

Premium grade travertine pavers come in two different finishes: chiseled and tumbled. Chiseled travertine pavers are best if you are trying to create an old world or rustic look, while a tumbled finish provides a more rugged look. For outdoor applications, marble must have a tumbled finish to provide extra grip and minimize the chances of slipping and skidding.

Certain qualities of marble and travertine make them appropriate for driveways. Travertine Driveway can absorb water quickly to keep your driveway non-slippery, even after raining. Marble is resistant to moisture and stains, so your driveway is less likely to get marred with oil. However, you may need to clean up after stains fast before they permanently leave a mark on your marble driveway.

If you still cannot decide which material is best for your driveway, there are reputable and experienced natural stone suppliers that can provide free samples of marble and travertine pavers in the color that you want. This way, you can make a more informed decision on which material can make your driveway look good and luxurious.

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