Change the Entire Look and Feel of Your Pool Using Travertine

It matters what paving material you use for your swimming pool, as it will affect not only the appearance, but the comfort, value, and longevity of the structure. Travertine is easily a good choice if you want a durable paver and coping for your pool. Using the material, you can build an elegant and high-quality travertine pool that looks incredible, smooth, and sophisticated, it will leave every guest impressed. The material can easily transform your swimming pool into a luxurious area for lounging and relaxation. You will find that your pool deck will be safer, too, as the material provides extra grip for the feet to prevent incidents of slipping and falling.

Rough concrete edges and pebbles can hurt your feet, and ordinary tiles are slippery. A travertine pool will be more comfortable, especially if you like to sit on the sides. Reputable suppliers of natural stone tiles and pavers carry different types of travertine copings, so you should easily find the proper finish to your swimming pool or in-ground spa and pool deck. Standard bullnose copings come in a size that will suit most uniquely shaped pools, especially those that have a lot of rounded curves. That way, you do not have to cut too much or too little, and you can make installation more cost-effective.

There are sizes for straight and rectangular pools, too. Regardless of your choice, the copings will come with a tumbled finish, which will provide a non-slip surface. If you are renovating your pool, some suppliers carry remodeling and thick pool copings. Remodeling travertine pool copings are pre-formed enhancement transitions for DIY jobs. Their four-inch turn will easily cover all manner of damage, blemish, or uneven installations without the need for a costly and time-consuming tear-out or demolition. Other copings are about two inches thick, which is designed for retro fit and remodels that need compensation for uneven surfaces and pool lip damage.

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