Benefits of Using Travertine Floors

Travertine floors are a great choice if you want to improve the appearance and value of your home. There may be other attractive types of flooring that you can consider, but not all of them can compare to the aesthetically pleasing and elegant look of travertine tiles. Made from natural stone, these tiles are known to be durable and capable of lasting for generations.  They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes, so you should be able to find the right kind of tile that will suit your interior design. This variety makes travertine flooring ideal for many different rooms, including your kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Reputable suppliers can send you free samples of the tiles that you want, so you can see exactly how they will look in your home.

Apart from versatility, travertine floor are known for allowing you to make a bold and different look for each room where you intend to install them. Each tile has natural veining, which creates one-of-a-kind patterns. Hence, no tile looks exactly like another—enabling you to customize the installation and create a bespoke and elegant look for every home in your house.

The durability of travertine is proven by ancient structures, like the Roman Colosseum, which was built using the material. This makes travertine tiles ideal for areas that typically have high foot traffic. And in case they need fixing, you can easily find a tile that can go with your existing travertine floor. Travertine can be shaped and cut much easier than porcelain without chipping, shattering, or breaking, so they are easier to customize, too.

Travertine floors are considered environmentally friendly because they are made from the sedentary stone, which is deposited in quarries. Some of the top quarries offering premium grade travertine tiles are in Asia, Europe, and Turkey. Since they are all natural, travertine does not go through any manufacturing process, and it is unprocessed with toxic chemicals that could harm you and the environment.

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