An In-Depth Information about Marble Pattern: Stone-Mart

What makes marble tiles and pavers timeless and elegant is their unique veining patterns and color mixtures, which ensures that no two tiles are ever exactly alike. If you are looking for marble tiles for your home or commercial space, you can’t go wrong with Stone-Mart. This supplier carries a wide range of marble pavers and tiles in various marble patterns, styles, and colors—from mosaics to French patterns. Below are just some of the many choices you will find at Stone-Mart:

  • Mosaic Marble Pattern

Stone-Mart’s mosaic pattern marble tiles are split into two categories: (1) even mosaic marble tiles in 1” x 1” or 2” x 2” sizes, and (2) split face mosaic marble tiles in 1” x 2” size. Both offer a distinctive, modern look and can easily be customized to fit any shape or design. From creamy latte colors to light-colored tiles with white streaks and soft beige washes, these mosaic marble tiles are capable of bringing class and brightness to any room or house. The split face tiles are particularly interesting and can elevate any room to a whole other level.


  • French Pattern

Stone-Mart also offers French pattern tiles, which perfect for entertaining spaces, walkways, bathrooms, etc. Check out the elegant Diana Royal tumbled marble tiles that blend together light linear streaks of colors with splashes of mid tone hues. If you prefer soft and creamy shades with muted beige tints, the perfect French pattern tiles for you might be tumbled Crema Pearl tiles, brushed and chiseled Ephesus marble tiles, or the Cappuccino Select tiles that are also chiseled and brushed. For an extraordinary look, check out tumbled Ocean Blue Way Tiger tiles that have huge crystalline features that gives off a 3-dimensional illusion. They blend together dark silver with cold blue tones for a cool, modern pattern that is sure to capture everyone’s eyes.

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