Add Style & Elegance with French Pattern Marbles

Marble is always an ideal choice if you want a stylish and classy home interior that will be versatile while adding value to your property in the long run. Its one-of-a-kind patterns, luxurious colors, and unique styles can easily turn a dull room into a sophisticated and welcoming abode. For a bolder look, consider marble tiles that come in a French pattern. Also known as the ‘Roman pattern’ and ‘Versailles pattern’, the French pattern marble tile is composed of four different sizes of tiles delivered in two bundles of multiple pieces. In a set, there are two 16”x24”, four 16”x16”, two 8”x16”, and four 8”x8” marble tiles.

The 12 pieces in a set of French pattern marble tiles are installed together to cover a 16-square foot area. The way they are laid out is what makes the ‘French pattern’, which breaks the monotony, rigidity, and the conventional geometric look that is common in conventional square tile installations. So, with French pattern marble, there are no boring straight grout lines. The tiles are arranged in such a way that can make your floor a feature in itself. Likewise, they can add a bolder and edgier touch to your room.

Installing French pattern marble tiles can be cost-effective compared to how straight edge tiles are installed, as they can be laid out using the thin set method. Moreover, installation can be a DIY project. Reputable suppliers of marble tiles and pavers provide a DIY diagram, which you can follow in case you decide not to hire a professional for installation. The way they are installed can easily elevate your space as they provide a more refined and detailed look, too.

Like regular marble tiles, French pattern marble tiles come in a wide variety of colors and styles. So, you should be able to find the perfect design that will suit your interiors or personal style. If you are not sure which color or design of tile to use, order free samples from the supplier to see and compare them yourself.

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