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Add Natural Elegance to Your Home with Travertine Flooring

Like many homeowners, you take pride in ensuring that your property looks good. One of the best ways to add value and exquisiteness to it is to make it eco-friendlier. Why don’t you use greener building materials and flooring? Travertine is leading the list of environmentally sound floor solutions. Consider using it to make your home green and lessen its carbon footprint.

Travertine is an excellent flooring material because of its durable and long lasting composition. This alone makes is a greener choice because it doesn’t have to be replaced often (in fact, it can last a lifetime and more). Travertine is also naturally formed and does not go through chemically-laden manufacturing processes have huge negative impacts on the environment.

In addition, travertine floor ensures excellent heat conduction, so it is a great material for underfloor heating. The natural indentations, fissures, as well as unique openings and grooves in travertine stone, allow heat to efficiently pass through. This porous sedimentary stone is essentially a work of art made by Mother Nature herself. Its natural veins are formed by the ground waters, hot springs, and carbonate materials that it is exposed to during the natural formation process. This type of stone is subjected to extreme pressure for long periods, helping it achieve the extreme hardness that makes it famous. It’s an excellent material for paving and flooring applications.

Travertine (like many other derivatives of limestone) is considered a sustainable stone product. If you want to make your property greener, use travertine flooring. What’s more, travertine is said to help improve the indoor air quality in a home because it does not absorb cleaning chemicals, harmful gases, and bad odors. Travertine floors that are properly sealed also naturally repel dust and dirt so maintaining your house should be a lot easier.

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