Add Luxury to Your Outdoor Oasis with Travertine Pool Copings

The look and function of your swimming pool area depends a lot on the type of coping you choose. The natural stone travertine is highly recommended if you are looking for durable and elegant pool coping. Travertine can make your pool area much more luxurious—and stay that way for a very long time. But beyond elegance and durability, travertine is also practical. It remains cool even when exposed to the heat of the sun outdoors, so you can walk barefoot on it without much hassle. To ensure the best results, here are some tips to keep in mind before you buy high-quality travertine pool coping.

  1. Choose the right pattern and color. From brown to beige to gold, travertine comes in many hues. Your personal preference should be the main factor in your decision making, but you also have to consider decorative elements in your pool area as well as the overall look of your property. Some designers combine two or more colors for visual interest.
  1. Choose the right finish. Tumbled travertine is often preferred for pool coping applications. You can ask your supplier to suggest the best option for your goals.
  1. Choose the right sizes. You are also free to mix and match different travertine tile sizes to create your very own unique patterns. Look online for inspirations. The brick-type, French, basket weave, and herringbone patterns are particularly popular.

Travertine is now one of the most popular pool coping options in the US because of its elegance and hard-wearing nature. Travertine coping is quite easy to install. It’s specifically designed for pools and can be installed even if there already are existing pool copings. Your current copings don’t even have to be removed, so the project should be finished quickly.


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