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An indoor décor accessory that continues to gain massive popularity in recent times is wall tiles. At Stone-mart.com we have a diverse range of wall tiles that will give your shower, kitchen and bathroom walls a refreshing look.

Our main varieties of wall tiles are:

  • Tumbled Stone Wall Tiles
  • Mosaic Wall Tiles – Stone, Pebbles & Glass                                                                                                                                                                          

Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are a wonderful alternative for your kitchen backsplash. What makes tumbled stones such an ideal alternative to conventional solutions is the fact that the "cleaning up" process of stones goes well with a variety of natural stones such as travertine or even marble. The final look of these tumbled stones is exotically gorgeous.

However, before deciding on the sort of backsplash that you want for your bathroom wall tiles, kitchen wall tiles or shower wall tiles, it is recommended that you first decide on which type of stone you want to use.

Benefits of Tumbled Stone Tile Backsplash

At one time tumbled stones were considered to be the preserve of bathroom walls, but of late a lot of people are beginning to realize that they can also be a great addition to your indoor décor when used as kitchen wall tiles. This is because:

The tumbling process leaves the rough-looking natural stone looking polished and smooth. This makes it an ideal choice for those who would wish to have an elegant and clean look in both the kitchen and the bathroom. Since even the smallest pieces of tumbled stones are going to be heavy and the wall surfaces would need careful attention during installation, you would need to hire some professional help.

Another great advantage that comes with settling for tumbled stones for your wall tiles is the fact that by having varied hues and colors you will have the freedom to create varied designs for your backsplash. Such a combination could be used to create backsplash tile murals. This of course would definitely require some effort, but once the installation is complete all the effort would be well worth it.

Why Buy our Mosaic Wall Tiles

At Stone-mart, we pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of mosaic wall tiles including; stone, pebbles and glass mosaics, that can be used to create custom designs which reflect your personal style and taste. In addition to being a central part of your kitchen wall tiles or even shower wall tiles, there are many other advantages that come with using mosaic wall tiles in your home.

Part of mosaic wall tiles appeal, is the fact that they are not affected by humidity do not soil easily which means that bacteria and germs cannot cultivate from them and are virtually maintenance free. Our mosaic tiles selection is vast and makes up a significant portion of our in house inventory of over 3 million sf. Located in our warehouses in Tampa, Florida. In addition our mosaics are quarried and designed to coordinate with most any other floor or wall, stone tile or paver, even most ceramic or porcelain tiles as well. One of the main benefits of using mosaic as bathroom, kitchen or shower wall tiles is the fact that they are very easy to maintain Most wall tile is made in a mosaic style, manufactured as a 12x12 inch sheet applied to a flexible backing material which can be installed "as is" or cut for preference to make borders, accents or inserts. This inherent feature, makes mosaic wall tiles the perfect addition for both bathroom and kitchen walls. Feel free to clean the mosaic wall tiles similar to other parts of the house.

Our mosaic wall tiles are truly versatile and can be used for both outdoor and indoor decoration increasing your entire property's value.

At Stone-mart.com we specialize in:

  • Point of manufacturing, Quality-Control
  • Quick Ship- 3-5 days, in the U.S. from our domestic inventory of over 3 million sf. (Tampa, Fl)
  • Quarry direct delivery to your home or Job site
  • International shipping, from our quarries to anywhere in the world.
  • Customer Satisfaction                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

For a view of our wide range of products browse the tumbled stone and mosaic tiles section.

We service all of Florida including: Orlando, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, South Florida and the Florida Panhandle, but can also ship your purchase anywhere in the U.S.

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