Brushed & Chiseled Travertine Tile

Brushed and Chiseled Travertine Tile.Stunning Brushed & Chiseled Travertine Tile from Stone-Mart

Brushed and Chiseled travertine tiles offers a dramatic look to an otherwise ordinary floor.  It can make the floor a feature all in itself.  The beauty of brushed and chiseled adds a rustic look reminiscent of the olde world or can add a splash in a more contemporary design.

Brushed & Chiseled finished Travertine tiles are Honed after fabrication without filling in the slight indentations that naturally occur in Travertine. This process maintains the Natural characteristics of the Travertine while having a uniform finish . The Travertine tiles are then mechanically brushed to give it a slight texture on the surface making it appealing for both indoor and outdoor applications. The edges are chiseled to give the Travertine tile a more unique dramatic transition from tile to tile not seen in conventional straight edge flooring. We offer this finish in 18″x18″ tiles and French Pattern tiles, both are a 1/2″ in thickness.

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The softest light shade of mocha softens the stone's surface while introducing hints of creamy vanilla and ivory.  This is a stone that can be both classic and contemporary. ATTENTION - Ordering on this site is for SAMPLES ONLY . If you wish to have a full sized sample or place an order please call us at: (813) 885-6900